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There is no limit to our challenge. There is no pause in our improvement.
KR Industry Company starting with Korea Highway Management Corporation stood as comprehensive construction company.

Safety&Health Management

By ensuring the highest standards in safety & health management, KR Industry Company is building a future in which people can trust.

The KR Industry Company considers safety and health first based on human respect, and through life-time management, which acts,
"All disasters can be prevented. Under this belief, we strive to promote safety and health management to achieve disaster free.

First, health and safety are regarded as a key element of management strategy and decision making. Based on this safety and health management policy, KR Industry Company establish goals and detailed plans to lead the safety culture of human respect.

Second, the act on safety and health relations shall be complied with, and the safety and health activities shall be continuously improved by sharing information to stakeholders and periodically educating them.

Third, the government actively promotes the achievement of non-disaster at all sites by evaluating risk factors derived from construction activities in advance and establishing a safety and health management system to establish measures.

Fourth, the factors of instability are minimized by pleasant work environment management, personnel check of workers (age, health, mental state) and fufill of risk-forecasting activities.

Fifth, emergency response shall be made immediately in the event of a disaster, and the best efforts shall be made to prevent recurrence with thorough investigation and measures.

The above safety and health policies will be announced in and out of the country, and all employees and stakeholders will be aware of them and follow them to promote safety and health awareness while actively participating in safety and health management activities.

KR Industry Co. CSO Jun Chung sik