For a New Tomorrow

There is no limit to our challenge. There is no pause in our improvement.
KR Industry Company starting with Korea Highway Management Corporation stood as comprehensive construction company.

Quality Management

We satisfy customers with the highest level of quality. To realize the best quality and customer satisfaction, KR Industry Company has developed into a leading company in an era of unlimited competition with quality management requirements such as obtaining ISO 9001 certification. In addition, by eliminating poor construction circumstance, we are building trust in our customers in the form of companies that fulfill their sincerity and responsibilities.

: ISO 9001
Certificate Authority
: World Standard Certification Service
First Registration
: Jun. 16. 1998
Valid Until
: Jun. 10. 2025
Service Ranges
Construction, Construction Management and Services of Civil, Architecture, Housing, Industry Equipment, Telecommunication, Interior, Landscape Planting, Electricity, Electricity Safety Supervision, Fire & Equipment Maintenance Road Maintenance and Management of Service Area and Gas Station on Highway Development of Construction Method of Road Traffic Safety Facilities